Revolution precedes Evolution, which often begins with a spark of imagination or inflamed passion to make changes that lead to a better future. We at Revolution Equine have a mission driven by knowledge & passion to inspire others to implement positive changes to the lives of the horses they love. By understanding the evolved fundamental needs of the equine species, we can start to implement changes that will make a difference and impact the health and welfare of the horses in our care.

Our Aim is to evoke a movement and inspire like-minded others to join us on our mission to Revolutionise equine nutrition for the 21st Century and beyond. By spreading our message & concept far and wide, we will disrupt and dispel outdated feeding concepts and invite thoughtful, intelligent changes that will ensure out horses remain healthy and nourished throughout their lives.

Forces for Horses

Forces for Horses is a movement for action & positive change on behalf of horses everywhere. Revolution Equine are dedicated to the well-being and health of horses and as equine scientists but we know that overall holistic health and quality of life depends on many aspects of care and application. With this in mind, we are ‘Joining Forces for Horses’ with other like-minded specialists and professionals in different fields who can help raise awareness and offer practical solutions in all aspects of horse ownership, training and husbandry.

Our association welcomes co-workers and equine specialists who can dedicate some time and their professional services to help us make a noise and create a wave of thoughtful horse/human care and co-existence. It is our belief that applying respect and educated care for the species, results in a more harmonious and successful relationship with our horses and other animals we share our lives with.

Please join us on our mission of sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that the lives of horses who depend on us are safe in our hands.