Our Team 

Revolution Equine is committed to raising awareness of Equine Nutritional Welfare throughout Europe and beyond and welcomes you on our exciting and rewarding journey ....

TOTAL Stockist

Most of our stockists are customers who have personally witnessed the benefits of TOTAL in the health & vitality of their horses, and gone one step further by joining our team of TOTAL Stockists. Our stockists come from all sections of the horse world, but the main requirement is interest in holistic equine nutrition and storage facilities.

Our stockists receive information and educational training, so they are able to advise their customers with basic diets and nutritional advice. Our professional nutritionists are always available to support stockists and offer a full, individual dietary service for clinical or more complex cases.

TOTAL Professional

Most of our Professionals are customers who compete in different disciplines and have witnessed the benefits of TOTAL directly from the health, vitality and performance of their horses. Many of our professionals are also stockists and come from all sections of the horse world; Some are practitioners such as farriers, therapists, body workers, veterinarians and trainers; others are livery/stable yard owners who have storage and are looking for a practical feeding solution for their varied group of horses and customers. All our professionals join us on an individual basis, so please contact us with your full details, background and experience with horses if you would like to join us.

TOTAL Affiliate

We know that you have put a lot of hard work into developing a loyal audience and customer base. Maybe via your website, blog or through your email mailing list. Acting as an Affiliate is much better than advertising programs as you can build a relationship with your audience by recommending products you know and trust.

How our Affiliate Program works:
Contact us with your details, profile & website.
You will then receive your own unique URL, which will automatically track all sales you generate.

  • We provide you with information, banner ads and text links that you can just copy & paste!
  • We get you started.
  • We support you throughout.
  • You earn commission on every sale you generate.

If you are interested in becoming a TOTAL Affiliate, click the link below and we will get you started.


Members of Team TOTAL are horse people throughout Europe competing and performing in all areas of horse sports. Medlemmene har en god forståelse af hestens natur og behov, og Revolution Equine er lykkelig med at støtte med den beste næring og rådgivning for disse hester. Our Team members make a statement that their horses can perform at elite level on a natural, nourishing diet.