Ingredients & Nutritional Analysis

TOTAL is the ideal complement to forage as it is a fully balanced, complete feed in a cereal free form, containing all of the nutrients a horse needs on a daily basis without extra supplementation.

It is a simple, safe feeding system whereby resting horses or horses in light work consume smaller quantities to ensure a balanced nutrient intake which may be lacking in forage alone, and hardworking/competition horses simply increase the quantity to increase their energy and nutrient output. The nutrient dense formula ensures optimum nutrition without risk of digestive disorders caused by starch overload and subsequent metabolic disturbance.

Benefits of TOTAL

  • Suitable for all horses with a simple quantity adjustment to meet individual needs.
  • Optimum nutrient profile to current research standards.
  • No GM ingredients, artificial additives, alfalfa or molasses.
  • No need to add expensive supplements as TOTAL is balanced to optimum levels and contains everything your horse needs as a compliment to forage.
  • Can be fed close or during competition as does not provoke Insulin ‘spikes’ and subsequent fatigue unlike cereal based, high energy feeds.
  • Ease of feed management for large mixed yards – simple quantity adjustment needed of same feed. Cost effective as no supplements & extras needed.
  • Made fresh to order in varying quantities and delivered direct to customer – saves time & cost. Personal dietary service from qualified physiologist/nutritionist with 20 years + experience in equine clinical and sports nutrition.
  • Naturally palatable – horses love it!


All of the ingredients in TOTAL Horse Feed are chosen for their holistic & beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal system for enhanced digestive health & performance.

Meadow grass pellets

Natural source of quality, digestible fibre & nutrients

Meadow grass chop/chaff

Pure grass chaff included to increase chewing and saliva production to buffer gastric acid. Slows consumption rate and prevents swallowing unchewed food.

High fibre husk

Source of high fibre for healthy microbiome and hind-gut function. Low starch content.

Micronised peas

Legume family. Palatable protein and quality source of amino acids & B vitamins.

Linseed pellets & Oil

Source of essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 & 9 in the correct ratio & balance for reduced cell inflammation. Essential fatty acids involved in hormone and immune function. Omega oils improve cell membrane seen in skin, coat and hair. 

Black sunflower seeds

Highly nutritious providing oils, protein, vitamin & minerals. High in Magnesium.

Bespoke nutrient pellet
Elevated vitamins & minerals
to optimum research standards

Yea-Sacc (1026)

Live yeast probiotic (Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1026). Scientifically proven to support healthy microbiome by stabilising acidity and pH within the large intestine. Low acidity increased efficacy of fibre digesting microbes and hind gut homeostasis.

Fresh dried mint

Palatable herb which contains Flavonoids acting as anti-spasmodic, gut relaxant. Also beneficial for upper respiratory tract.

Verm-X Herbs -  benefits and properties

– Anti spasmodic/digestive health

– Expectorant, anti septic/anti-viral

– Antiparasitic 

Fennel Seed 
Antispasmodic digestive system

– Blood & Circulation


– Mineral rich, Detox/
lymphatic tonic

- Digestive relaxant, antiseptic, expectorant

Slippery Elm

- Anti-inflammatory and reduces discomfort of stomach ulcers.


– Immune & respiratory health

Quassia/Bitter wood

– Natural insecticide

Nutrition analysis per kilo feed

Energy DE 11,2 MJ
Protein 12%
Oil 8%
Ash 10%

Calcium 13 g
Phosforus 6 g
Magnesium 3,7 g
Potassium 9 g

Copper 48 mg
Selenium 0,7 mg
Zinc 217 mg
Iodine 0,7 mg
Iron 149 mg
Salt 1,5 gr

Fibre 18,5

Sugar 4,3%
Starch 5,7%

Folic Acid 5 mg, Biotine 0,5 mg, Vitamin A 10 000 IE, Vitamin D3 2 000 IE, Vitamin E 400 IE