I had struggled with keeping weight on my thin 10-year-old gelding Cassador for over 5 years. His weight went up and down and he was often very stressed and hyperactive. After a while I didn't want to  compete with a stressed, underweight horse and possibly get a warning from a veterinarian and despite tips on feed and supplements, there was nothing new I had not already tried to help him.

In April 2017 I put all training and competition aside. Both mine and Cassador's energy and joy had come to an end. But hope is the last thing that leaves, so I began an online search for a low sugar, starch-free feed and that's when I discovered the TOTAL Horse Feed Concept.

I immediately wrote an email to Anna Lidén, the distributor for Sweden, and had a long discussion about the issues with Cassador. The advice I received made me very emotional. Anna didn't  try to sell me her feed but really tried to help Cassador, and subsequently sent a very long email full of questions and knowledgeable advice.

After trying almost everything, I didn't t know if I dared hope that a new feed would help, but I'm so glad I didn't give up.  I don't have to say more as the pictures speak for the transformation that TOTAL made for Cassador.

Today, C is harmonious, full of energy but not stressed, good in the stomach, muscular and a very happy horse who enjoys a really nice life in a large outdoor area with other horses of all ages. ❤️ Thanks Anna and TOTAL !!

By Erika


My Iberian Spanish stallions have been fed on TOTAL Horse Feed for several years now. I am totally convinced that the feed has been of great benefit to their overall condition and fitness. I feel confident that they are getting the balance of nutrition that they require as stallions in daily work.

All my horses are happy and content, which I feel is partly because of the environment and friendship we offer them, combined with the extra care given by correct nutrition. I have no hesitation in recommending TOTAL Horse Feed with full confidence.

Jenny’s is the founder of ‘Naturally Classical and author of ‘Ride from the Heart’, published by JA Allen.

A Testimonial from Jenny Rolfe – Naturally Classical

"The horses look & feel excellent and TOTAL seems to reboot their overall system so nutritional uptake is increased. We give the competing horses 1 kg TOTAL a day and ad-lib haylage as they don’t seem to need more to keep in good shape. Even the horses that were difficult to handle seem calm yet full of energy. "

Ulf Ulvefjell - Breeder and C-coach in eventing, Course builder with many years of experience both in horse care, breeding and competing/training.


I cannot describe how grateful I am about this feed! My horse Rocky is so healthy and seems very happy. His nutrient absorption seemed to have improved which is noticeable in his faeces which have become smaller and more compact.

His movement pattern has already begun to change and I have noticed a big difference in his attitude and willingness to work. I will always feed TOTAL! He really LOVES it!

Big hug and lots of thanks!


Before: October 2012. Tigern, a French warmblood trotter 4 years old. I bought him a couple of weeks before and have just starting giving him TOTAL 3-4 kg/day. Before I bought him he was eating 3 kg concentrate cereal feed.

After: May 2014. Eating around 1 kg TOTAL and free access to hay. In full training, strong, quick and sustained in his discipline of trotting racing. He has maintained this condition ever since.

By Theresia