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TOTAL Horse Feed is a pioneering feed concept which has proven to benefit and nourish horses across the spectrum, from young & elderly, family hack to elite sports horse in all disciplines across Europe and beyond. Not only is our feed cereal free and nutrient rich to meet current research standards, it contains everything a horse needs to live, work, breed & compete in a holistic, digestible form. As Equine Physiologists and Nutritionists, our Mission is to provide the best possible diet and advice to ensure your horse receives optimum nutrition and maintains a strong foundation of health, strength & immunity throughout his/her lifetime. 

TOTAL is available via our web shop in various quantities. However, our goal is to make TOTAL available to everyone on a local basis so that we can offer a personal service and get to know our customers and their horses. Therefore we invite like-minded people to join our Team as local Stockists & Professionals or join the Affiliate program. When you join our team we share our values and philosophy, along with educational support, so you are able to advise and help others. Together we will make a difference.

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