giving back

Giving back is important and motivates us with purpose, but experience has shown us that projects have to be undertaken with not only compassion, but with thoughtful and practical application and care.

Over the coming months and years, Revolution Equine & Forces for Horses will be investigating projects and seeking out areas & situations where we can truly be of help and make a difference to animals and communities around the globe. Our expertise in clinical equine nutrition, along with the practical expertise & experience of our growing ‘Tribe’ will enable us to aid and support existing projects along with creating independent ventures which will make an impact on day to day quality of life for animals and their environments.

Therapeutic Hooves

We are delighted to sponsor Therapeutic Hooves and Give Back by suppling TOTAL Horse Feed for their eclectic herd of horses & ponies. It is critical that these horses feel well, both physically and psychologically so that they remain calm around the children and young adults during their valuable therapy sessions.  Horses are wonderful beings and offer natural therapy to those around them, so we are very happy to ensure that individual dietary needs of the whole herd are met.

‘Therapeutic Hooves is a Community run, non-profit organisation offering Equine Therapeutic services for children and young adults with behavioural, emotional and physical disabilities.  We also offer services and opportunities for children with life limiting illness.

Paul Wainhouse – Therapeutic Hooves

All of us here at Therapeutic Hooves passionately believe in the benefits of Equine Therapy and our horses health and wellbeing are fundamental to the work we do.

Our Horses emotionally support vulnerable children and young adults, so it is essential that the feed is non-heating and will keep our horses calm and level headed. TOTAL Horse feed provides the balance that all of our Therapy Horses need without having to add extras and supplements.

Coupled with their natural calming abilities our Horses are trained to form supportive relationships which help the children we work with understand their emotions, feel calm and offer a non-pressurised platform to discuss any difficulties they may face

We passionately believe that applying equine Therapy in parallel with existing care structures, can make a real and positive impact on the people and families we work with. Having the opportunity to work with Revolution Equine who share our holistic approach and ethos, is a very exciting partnership.

We cannot thank Linda, Anna and her fantastic team enough for supporting our organisation and we know that our horse’s nutrition, wellbeing and health is in the best hands’