We began our research and journey over 20 years ago when we pioneered the first cereal-free, complete horse feed  for all horses in all life-stages. Our journey continues to evolve and we are still driven by our passion and mission to improve horse health through appropriate nutrition designed for the species we love and care for. Today our quest to help eliminate diet-related diseases throughout Europe and beyond goes on, and we continue to look forward and forge new paths to enhance not only equine digestive health and well-being, but to speak out and raise awareness of the species we owe so much. 


Linda Bennis BSc (Hons)  
Founder of TOTAL Horse Feed

The TOTAL Horse Feed  Concept was founded and developed by Linda Bennis BSc (Hons), after spending many years studying Equine Physiology and observing the clinical effects of equine nutrition in different countries and cultures.

‘’Although I grew up in urban London, I was born loving animals, especially horses. During school years my mind was often elsewhere – usually down the local stables, which my grades reflected! One teacher even wrote on my school report that ’Linda is often distracted, but if the subject was horses, she would excel’. Many years later, as a mature student, I was able to study my passion full time and prove the teacher right by graduating with a First-Class honours degree in Equine Science.

During this time, I carried out some research at the Veterinary University of Cordoba, in the heart of Andalucia, Spain. This research was the subject of my Thesis and during my time there I discovered the plight of Iberian horses, who were suffering endemic diet related diseases such as colic, laminitis and gastric ulceration. This was the catalyst which inspired me to research and formulate a bespoke complete horse feed which would not only nourish horses and supply them with optimum daily nutrients, but also help to heal them from the inside out.

Although the TOTAL Feed Concept was inspired by my beloved Iberian horses, it has grown organically by word of mouth throughout different equine communities, and countries. The horses did the talking and proved that we were on the right path. It’s been a long journey, but 20 years on, I feel blessed to still be doing what I love and am driven by all the horses we nourish along the way. 

After a long study into the equine feed business, Linda realised that there was not an ideal feed to recommend or use with her client's horses, so applying her knowledge as an equine physiologist started to research and formulate a unique, bespoke horse feed which would not only deliver the horse's daily nutrients in a healthy, digestible form,  but improve overall digestive health and performance. 

In the year 2000 after many trials, palatability testing and official stamps, TOTAL Horse Feed was born and bagged! The Feed Concept was officially launched at the British Equine Event in 2000 and later named as innovative product of the Millennium by HORSE magazine. Since then Linda has continued her journey and currently works with the TOTAL Horse Feed Concept throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. She also publishes educational articles and stories in scientific journals, magazines and the equine press.

Anna Liden 
Managing Director

Anna Lidén has always been an animal lover and has spent most of her life with and around her greatest passion - Horses. She was a riding teacher (Level 2) and private trainer and has been teaching and training horses & riders for many years, specialising in training dressage horses up to Intermediate level.

Anna's love of all animals, great and small, also led her a job as marketing and sponsor manager at Nordens Ark, a sanctuary for endangered species on the west coast of Sweden. 
Her job was to create more resources by inspiring and encouraging people to learn more and have a wider understanding of endangered animals. To further work Anna also studied Marketing and Business Management at IHM Business School in Gothenburg and graduated with a DHIM Diploma in Marketing. 

Anna is the founder of Eqvital AB in Sweden and since 2004 has worked full time as a teacher in horse knowledge at the Uddevalla Gymnasium, training eqipage, and holistic horse health consultations / treatments. An emerging feeling that many problems with riders and horses could not only be attributed to invalid learning / riding, led her to seek more tools and answers to solve the problems. Over the years, Anna has been interested in alternative medicine for horses, and since 2010 has focused on nutrition, nutrition and nutritional medicine.

In 2011, Anna faced a dilemma when advising on a diet for a horse who was intolerant to cereals and began a search for a cereal-free feed, low in starch and sugar. This search led her to TOTAL Horse Feed and it's founder Linda Bennis. Anna and Linda started to work together, and Anna later took over the distribution of TOTAL Horse Feed in Sweden and Scandinavia. In 2017 Anna joined Linda as a working partner and Managing Director at Revolution Equine Ltd.

"I am so grateful to work with my passion along with Linda, which helps raise awareness of creating harmonious healthy horses through natural nutrition and horse care."